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Website & Brand Refresh


SharpSpring, a sales and marketing automation startup, seeks a rapid brand and website redesign to update and sharpen its brand, optimize funnels for conversion, and lower ongoing design, development and management costs. Home, (top-left), Product (top-center), Competitor Comparison Pages (top-right), at both desktop and mobile breakpoints. 

Solution highlights:

  • Rapid redesign only took several months, start to finish

  • Reused existing content

  • Boosted conversions

  • Established a new look and feel that defined go forward marketing online collateral.

  • Leveraged Wordpress's modular reuse

  • Wordpress CMS enabled everyone to contribute directly, without the need for design and dev assistance

  • BugHerd allowed for rapid, crowd sourced testing of SMEs to get to done faster

SharpSpring’s complete and affordable marketing and sales automation is a unified agency solution.

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