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Hello and welcome.

I'm Shane Bouchard, an experience design lead with extensive remote, product, marketing and brand expertise.


Currently at GitLab, the largest all-remote company in the world, where I apply my passion for co-creating of marketing experiences that attract, convert, nurture, close leads, and product experiences that on-board, expand adoption, increase user satisfaction, and reduce attrition. My core expertise is in branding, digital marketing and design, user experience, Agile and Lean Startup. 

Deliver more with less.

I'm passionate about the power of Design thinking, Lean UX, Agile Ux to empower teams to deliver more with less. I work with teams to rapidly design and deliver brand, marketing and product systems and solutions.


Unlocking brand and product potential requires understanding the customers need, focusing teams on what matters most, and accelerating design and learning cycles.

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The best teams create meaningful brands and products by focusing on customers and teamwork.


Hello, I'm Shane Bouchard. My passion for creating meaningful experiences has led to a diverse career solving challenges spanning product, marketing and brand. In that time I've learned unlocking the full potential of any brand or product starts with how the team thinks and works. By letting go of personal bias, silos and heavyweight processes we're able to sense and respond to customer needs and get valuable and scalable brands and products to market.


Together, we can create a better future for our business and customers. Let's connect.


Design Thinking

Leveraging a creative strategy toward problem solving and product development, I look to balance practical experience with holistic thinking in order to generate new ideas and deliver innovative product solutions.

Creative Optimization

Effective creative is delivering relevant content at the right time to the right person. Through years of testing and practical experience. I've been able to develop rock-solid instincts backed by insights.

Global Leadership

In the new global marketplace, scale and collaboration is critical to growth. By developing global cross-functional teams, I've been able to help meet demands for quality and aesthetic innovation at a
global scale.

Brand Expression

Brand can be many things to many people. But, it's ultimately a sum of parts. Through the development of detailed brand systems, I look to bring order to complexity , and create identity from noise, allowing for scalable brand expression.

Product Design

Great products are those that solve meaningful problems., both known and unknown. Every product I deliver is realized by working backwards from the customer to understand their needs in order to more clearly define the product vision.

Ingenuity & Grit

Impossible is just a starting point, never the destination. When the stakes are high and time is running out, that's when I roll up my sleeves and approach the problem with an ample helping of optimism
and imagination.

Building Systems

I look at both the forest and the trees. Starting at the core of a complex problem, I travel to the other edge and back in order to reveal all parts, alternatives and implications, and how they interconnect.. mapping along the way.

Exceptional Experiences

Effective user experiences make the complex simple. Exceptional solutions do so in a delightful way. Through the seamless integration of form and function, I've been able to exceed customer expectations the world over.


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2018 -TODAY

Leading Brand, Digital and UX at the largest all remote company in the world. At GitLab, 1,300+ employees in 57+ countries and community contributors build and market the only DevOps solution for the entire lifecycle, one iteration at time.

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Marketing automation is changing marketing as we know it.
My team is at the heart of that change raising awareness, generating leads and enabling marketing with next-gen tools.

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senior ux manager, VERITAS

Assembling and leading a full-stack, global, Agile UX team in the design and development of legacy and emerging-tech data management solutions.

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ux lead, disney

Serving as UX architect and design lead for guest and cast-facing solutions at the happiest place on earth. From Food & Wine wayfinding to operational analytics, AR concepts and more.

Defining Brands

The best companies start with the customer and work backward to shape authentic, meaningful and purposeful brands. They
strategically position against competitor brands and products. By understanding their audience and market, they can architect brands that deliver clear, cohesive and compelling stories to customers in their media habitats. Never complete, brands must continually sense and respond to changing dynamics to remain relevant.

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generating leads

Today's companies are using targeted digital advertisinginbound and marketing automation to create personalized paths to purchase. At the heart of the best marketing campaigns and funnel you'll find data-informed creative and conversion design, SEO optimized content, and personalized experiences being used to attract, convert, nurture and close quickly and efficiently.

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product growth

Growth, product and engineering teams products use design thinking, Agile, Lean UX and design systems to rapidly ideate, iterate and release valuable products. They also use metrics, such as on-boarding, adoption, satisfaction and retention KPIs, and continual customer testign and feedback, to make data informed decisions. Design provides the custom-centric thinking, lightweight iteration and validation, and scalable design systems today's teams need to grow successful products.

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Consolidating Corporate-Wide UX Efforts

“I've had the pleasure of working with Shane at Symantec and Veritas. During that time he distinguished himself as a rock-solid leader and played an instrumental role consolidating our corporate-wide UX efforts that will shape the company's customer-facing portfolio for years to come. He communicates clearly and presents a precise, research-based UX perspective to accomplish the job.” 



Born in Wisconsin, Living in Orlando, home of the Mouse.

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2016 - Present

VP of Experience design


Brand, marketing and product experience design at a rapidly growing SaaS startup that provides a full-featured sales and marketing automation platform to agencies and businesses.


Symantec & Veritas Corporation
Leading a full-stack, global UX team of 10 in design of industry leading security and storage technology.


UX Lead, design & strategy

Walt Disney World, Parks & Resorts

Designing guest- and cast-facting solutions at the happiest place on earth.



Full-service interactive design agency helping organizations of all types build strategic brands, products and experiences.


director of creative and product management

Aluria Software (an Earthlink company)

Aligning Aluria's brand, products, marketing and team to Earthlink's post-acquisition strategy.


Aluria Software

One of three executives that grew Aluria from 15 to 65 employees to Earthlink Acquisition. Winner of Adobe Site of the Day Award for informative and engaging product demo.


creative director marketing

World Publications (now Bonnier Corporation)

Transforming print-based marketing of 19 affluent magazines into strategic, high-performing, omni-channel campaigns.


LearnitCorp & LearnitToday

Leading design team of 15 in development of Microsoft's e-learning products and Learnit's B2B and B2C brands, digital marketing campaigns and tv spots.



Assorted Clients
Brand, advertising, web, animation and illustration services for clients of all types.

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