Helping organizations create game-changing teams and experiences. 



Marketing automation is changing marketing as we know it.
My team is at the heart of that change raising awareness, generating leads and enabling marketing with next-gen tools.


senior ux manager, VERITAS

Assembling and leading a full-stack, global, Agile UX team in the design and development of legacy and emerging-tech data management solutions.


ux lead, disney

Serving as UX architect and design lead for guest and cast-facing solutions at the happiest place on earth. From Food & Wine wayfinding to operational analytics, AR concepts and more.


Design Thinking

Leveraging a creative strategy toward problem solving and product development, I look to balance practical experience with holistic thinking in order to generate new ideas and deliver innovative product solutions.

Creative Optimization

Effective creative is delivering relevant content at the right time to the right person. Through years of testing and practical experience. I've been able to develop rock-solid instincts backed by insights.

Global Leadership

In the new global marketplace, scale and collaboration is critical to growth. By developing global cross-functional teams, I've been able to help meet demands for quality and aesthetic innovation at a
global scale.

Brand Expression

Brand can be many things to many people. But, it's ultimately a sum of parts. Through the development of detailed brand systems, I look to bring order to complexity , and create identity from noise, allowing for scalable brand expression.

Product Design

Great products are those that solve meaningful problems., both known and unknown. Every product I deliver is realized by working backwards from the customer to understand their needs in order to more clearly define the product vision.

Ingenuity & Grit

Impossible is just a starting point, never the destination. When the stakes are high and time is running out, that's when I roll up my sleeves and approach the problem with an ample helping of optimism
and imagination.

Building Systems

I look at both the forest and the trees. Starting at the core of a complex problem, I travel to the other edge and back in order to reveal all parts, alternatives and implications, and how they interconnect.. mapping along the way.

Exceptional Experiences

Effective user experiences make the complex simple. Exceptional solutions do so in a delightful way. Through the seamless integration of form and function, I've been able to exceed customer expectations the world over.

Consolidating Corporate-Wide UX Efforts

“I've had the pleasure of working with Shane at Symantec and Veritas. During that time he distinguished himself as a rock-solid leader and played an instrumental role consolidating our corporate-wide UX efforts that will shape the company's customer-facing portfolio for years to come. He communicates clearly and presents a precise, research-based UX perspective to accomplish the job.”